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Welcome to Candia Verde!

Herbs & Spices of excellent quality

CANDIA VERDE was founded in Heraklion, Crete and our profession is the marketing and standardization of herbsplantsflavored teasspices and dried fruits. Perfectly combining tradition with the modernization required by our times, we created a new business model. Our primary goal is to highlight our high quality local products, so that they can claim the place they deserve in the markets.

To better achieve our goal, our company highly considers the quality of raw materials used in all stages of work: From production and standardization to delivery to the final recipient, the consumer.

For all these reasons, here, at CANDIA VERDE, we prepare our products every day offering our services with love, passion, flexibility and dedication to tradition.


The vision of our company is to offer our customers our complete knowledge in the field of dried plants-fruits, through our high quality products and services.

We are constantly monitoring and being informed about the new market trends, so that we can always acquire specialized knowledge and create products that convey the wonderful secrets of mother nature to our consumers.


Paying attention to the daily pulse and needs of the market, we are constantly evolving both our capabilities and benefits, desiring to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers.

At the same time, having the necessary sense of responsibility towards our partners, we make sure that the selection of our products is made with strict criteria, thus ensuring an even result in both the offering of our products and the provision of our services.

Our products are generously given to us by mother nature and through them we are given the opportunity to discover its secrets.


The primary goal of our company is to provide completely natural products of high nutritional value and quality. This is the reason why we pay special attention to their production and processing process.


The unique type of packaging makes our products stand out and this is because we have invested in our human resources. At CANDIA VERDE we employ people exclusively specialized in customized packaging …


With the unwavering belief that our products are of excellent quality, we have invested in building strong customer relationships. The timely and complete delivery, the guaranteed quantity and quality of the products …